Busy Wife, Busy Husband: Keeping a Happy & Healthy Marriage!

Welcome back everyone! Life is BUSY! It can really get the best of you and strain your relationships if you don't handle it correctly, and manage your time efficiently. My husband and I are very busy people we work opposite shifts. While I'm out of the house by 7:00AM, Monday through Friday. He works second … Continue reading Busy Wife, Busy Husband: Keeping a Happy & Healthy Marriage!

Hey my fabulous fam! Welcome back! Things have been so serious on the blog lately, we have talked about cutting negative people out of our lives, living and learning, writing to our past self, etc... I'm going to lighten the mood today and talk to you about one of my favorite things in the world... … Continue reading

Hey everyone!! Welcome back! It's Monday, I knowwww. But for most of us, it's over, we did it. We are on to Tuesday and its time to relax! I write this as I sit on the floor of my living room throwing a stuffed pumpkin through the living room continuously so my dogs can chase … Continue reading

Hey everyone, welcome back! Today is Sunday, which is the day of the week that I use to pre-plan meals, deep clean the house, practice some extra self care and just do what I can to get ready for the week ahead while setting some time aside to relax. Life can be so hectic at … Continue reading

How I Stay Focused

Welcome back everyone! Sometimes I look around and it baffles me how absolutely BUSY life is. I always have so much to do. My husband always has so much to do, I hear my friends and family talk about how they have so much stuff to do. We can do so much with the right