Busy Wife, Busy Husband: Keeping a Happy & Healthy Marriage!

Welcome back everyone!

Life is BUSY! It can really get the best of you and strain your relationships if you don’t handle it correctly, and manage your time efficiently.

My husband and I are very busy people we work opposite shifts. While I’m out of the house by 7:00AM, Monday through Friday. He works second shift, six days per week. Which means that when I am home, it’s just me and the dogs. When he is home, it’s just him and the dogs. When he gets home from work, I’m already asleep so I can be up early the next day for work and it’s a never ending cycle of barely seeing eachother. Except for Saturday; his only day off.

If you have hectic work schedules, or you lead a just plain busy lifestyle, I’m going to share some tips on how to not let your busy schedules get in between you and your husband/significant other.

The first

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