Free Yourself From Toxic People

Hello everyone!

It has been a minute! I needed a little break from this to enjoy life, do some soul searching and figure out the direction that I wanted to take this blog.

I have taken some time to reflect the year that has gone by. I’ve realized the huge changes that have been made in my life in just this year alone. I know life can get really tough, we can so easily get stuck in feeling overwhelmed in an every day routine and forget that we have the power to control what we will accept and what we allow into our space and in our lives.

That being said, this world is full of toxic people. Toxic people can be hidden among our families, our friends, acquaintances. But a lot of the time we keep them around because… Let’s be honest, it is easier to just brush how they make us feel under the rug than to cause a confrontation by letting them know that they aren’t healthy for you… I know.

I’m here to talk to you today about setting yourself free from toxic friends, toxic family members and living a life that is for you so you can have peace and find happiness that you deserve. It’s time to start living for you.

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